The benefits of all-weather walking

Published: 12th October 2011
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Now it is the summer in our part of the world and for many of us there is nothing nicer than going for a good hike in the long summer days and taking in the nature and landscapes. And maybe even catching some sun on the way. But there are also many benefits of hiking and walking in not so favourable weather conditions, whilst of course keeping personal safety in mind.

All weather hiking can make you appreciate each weather condition for what it is. Taking a walk in colder temperatures for example can be more invigorating and good for circulation if you do not have medical conditions that are affected by temperature. In winter it can be more important for health to try to spend time outdoors in the daylight and therefore top up your absorption of vitamin D in the times of year when the days are shorter. It can also be breathtakingly beautiful to witness mountains in snow, frozen streams and the stillness of frozen lakes.

Being more than a fair-weather walker can also offer the benefit of a more peaceful experience as it can tend to be less crowded. It could also be a more exciting sensory experience if is not just fine and sunny the smell of rain can be charming too. And walking in the rain means that you appreciate so much more getting indoors in warm and dry shelter afterwards. Accommodation may also be less expensive if you dare to venture out in nature off season.

Of course it is paramount to keep in mind personal safety. Make sure your mobile phone is charged if you are able to get a signal. It may be wise to carry a compass or a reliable GPS system in case you get caught out in poor visibility. It is always advised to tell someone where you are going and how long you intend to be. If visibility is really bad do be prudent and reconsider your route, especially if you are going up any altitude.

Nowadays in the internet age there's no excuse for not briefing yourself beforehand. So take the time to research and get information on where you are going and make sure you are equipped with the right gear - mens, womens and childrens outdoor clothing and accessories. If you are walking in the UK the weather can change for better or worse quite quickly. A waterproof jacket is usually a must and mens and ladies walking trousers do not have to be costly. There is a wonderful Yorkshire phrase 'There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.'

Whites can advise on and provide for all weather walks, including childrens outdoor clothing and ladies walking trousers and jackets.

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